Equal Opportunities

Radgepacket 200 x 300Equal Opportunities (Anthology – Multiple Authors)

Spinning round, Sarah marched across the room, and as her neighbour turned her head, Sarah plunged the blade ruining Margaret’s gaze. Blood spurted in a gratifying spray. Sarah stood there, arms crossed, as the old woman stumbled from her chair, making strange gurgling sounds, clawing at the blade lodged in the ruined socket. If Sarah were lucky, the blade had pierced the brain. The tug at her lips told Sarah she smiled.


Our fifth volume of short stories is our punchiest yet!
You’ll find real industrial strength fiction in here as the best ‘unsigned and unhinged’ British talent regale you with stories of bad men and mad men…and a little touch of S & M!

In this snapshot of today’s Britain you’ll find nineteen ‘shorts’ that will entertain and appal you in equal measure as well as a novella set on a council estate in the Midlands that will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished it.

So strap on your head guard, position your gumshield…and turn the page.