Works in Progress

I receive a few queries as to what I’m working on at any given time so thought I’d put up a page here to provide an idea. No specifics and no titles unless contracted, but this may be of interest. I’ll update/delete any that find a market. I know it’s going to look as if I never finish anything, but that’s not true. I think my list of published titles proves that. And some writers have longer lists than this to share. Writers often have works at different stages — from vague ideas to being written, lined up for personal editing, or editing with a publisher. Things overlap. I like to shelve work and return to it with a minimum of two weeks (often much longer if deadlines allow) to edit it with a fresh eye. Some of these are novels, but many are shorts. Some may contain erotic elements or none at all.

This is not an exhaustive list. I’ve numerous short stories written that I may or may not ever submit, may never be published. Some may end up as rewrites to fit submission calls or become completely different stories in different genres. I’ve been asked to write for various projects, which I’m also considering. Update: It looks as if I will be involved with a multi-author series project but I cannot say more than that at this time.

Note: I’ve started moving things up the lists as they near completion, find ‘homes’ etc. There exists other work that does not fit the genre ‘Dark Fiction’ for which this website is for. I’m including my steampunk work as some of that was quite dark in places.

Space, 1889: The Draco Eye — Finished and now published. Book two of season three.

Several short stories: At least one is an older story that was once ‘almost’ accepted — the editor was very interested, but the issue was one of timing. I’d sent it in before the submission deadline but not ‘early’ so she’d chosen most of her stories for the magazine. In the end she said no simply because she didn’t have the room left to place it. Looking back over it, I still like the story but it feels dated so I am trying to rework it. I also have a few other short stories I want to work on for various things.

Rose Light: although originally released as romance, that wasn’t my intended market. This was part of another project I hope to continue with some day. Needs editing.

B: is a short story also part of the above — I recently submitted this and it was accepted; however, when I received the contract I was exceedingly unhappy and so withdrew it.

TM: a series of short stories that fit a main theme. On-going project. I’ve drafted all of these, but they require editing, and I need to consider potential markets. Update: I’ve decided to include The Texture of Winter as one of the themes but currently this is under independent publication. I also had one of the stories accepted by Fox Spirit. The Wolf Moon appears in their anthology Winter Tales. A third, Blood Moon, was accepted only this week and will see publication in Spring of 2017. I’m hoping to publish at least some of the stories singularly and then consider putting together an anthology of the collection as a future project.

Traveller Trilogy: a fantasy I wrote a long time ago but I’ve always felt something was missing. Since I’ve discovered steampunk I think this would fit perfectly, but it needs major editing and additional writing.

N: Horror/Paranormal book written years ago and probably too dated to do anything with — would need a rewrite. Could be turned into a book suitable for the romance market.

SWH: cross-genre fantasy trilogy that I have many twisted plans for. Drafted but it has much more potential than its current form.

TE: a fantasy-type book I’ve been working on ‘in my head’. Recently the opening chapter just ‘came’ to me.

Had another couple of ideas come to me recently for novels. Excited about these, but don’t have the time.

Swithin books: Hmm…hard to categorise these. They ‘are’ romance, but very much a fantasy and one book is currently out of print. I also have two incomplete drafts of two additional ‘spins’, but I honestly want to re-edit and re-organise and re-everything with these books one day. For the time being they remain with the romance publisher and in my WIP folder.