My October Plan

I’ve been struggling with a project for longer than I care to admit. One of those that doesn’t ‘quite’ fall into my Dark Fiction category, but definitely isn’t romance. I’ve had to formulate some sort of plan, and that is (barring the arrival of edits that must always take precedence and therefore may interrupt) October is dedicated to one work. If I can manage one chapter per day I should finish by Halloween. As this has been some sort of writing nightmare that seems appropriate. I’ll have to think of a way to reward myself should I succeed.

The work will take the form of some editing, some re-writing, or re-planning (plotting), and some new written material. Whatever form the work takes day-to-day, if I can do ‘one chapter’ I’ll be well on the way to a completed manuscript ready to submit.

So…today is Day One and I’ve a finished the prologue. That doesn’t sound like a lot but I changed the POV and that led to an additional 500 or so words. I’m pleased. No reward for me, though. Not until I cross the finish line and lay a few ghosts to rest. Critic clue intentional.


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